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Purpose matters. It’s powerful. Directive. Encouraging. Hopeful. Steadying. Motivating. Engaging.

Without purpose, we flounder. Question. Doubt. Disengage. Wander. Stop. Die.

Tyler was a college freshman at Cedarville University and like so many others, unsure of what to do in the future. General education requirements were his course of study. Nothing excited him. He had no passion for anything, but other students did. This just added to the pressure he felt to figure things out.

At yet another meeting with his advisor, Tyler wisely told him that he likes to draw. He didn’t think it was that important, but it proved to be life-changing information. (That’s one reason children need to know who they are – identity is related to purpose.)

His advisor enrolled Tyler in a course related to an industrial design major and he loved it. The professor graciously allowed him to stay in the course even though he hadn’t taken the prerequisite. Sometimes thinking outside the box is life-saving. I really appreciate this professor’s choice to honor Tyler.

I first saw Tyler’s great smile when he enthusiastically explained what it meant to settle on a college major. He willingly showed me the final course project displayed in the above picture. He was to draw something real (he chose a Nerf gun) and then, in two steps, change it while keeping some of the design elements. He earned a 100% grade.

Tyler clearly has talent. Purpose has supplied the direction. Attention, motivation, engagement, excellence, and joy will now follow.

Purpose is powerful. Make sure to find yours. And, what can you do to help young people find theirs?