FromAbove AllOpenLinda called to ask if I was home and if she and her husband, Rick, could stop by. I was home and said “yes.”

I heard them drive up a few minutes later so I got out of my chair to meet them at the door. Rick approached me carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers in one hand. I knew he had something in his other hand because he was hiding it behind his back.

As I opened the door and thanked them for the flowers, Rick held out stems with his other hand. Stems! They were fresh, but they weren’t flowers yet.

Linda explained that both the flowers and stems were extras from a volunteer activity they just participated in. They know I like flowers so I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

After they left I, of course, put the beautiful bouquet in water. Choosing the right vase wasn’t hard and they brightened up the room.

I did the same with the stems. I knew if I treated them right, the flowers I knew were there at the end would open. I also knew they’d become whatever God created them to be. If I wanted tulips, it didn’t matter. If I wanted irises, it didn’t matter. If I wished for them to be roses, it wouldn’t matter. I would get what they were. What God created them to be.

The same is true for children God creates. We can give them the right environment so they’ll grow and develop, but we should be careful to not get in His way. He has put into each one His perfect design. Wishing for them to be something else won’t make it so.

What did God create my stems to become? Daffodils. Beautiful daffodils! I’ve always liked them and I believe this was the first time to have any in my home. I enjoyed them so much, and even more when the daughter of a friend said this about some she saw:

I’m sure these flowers are at the gates of heaven because they look like stars and are made like trumpets.