Game Time Memories

Game Time Memories

I was in and out of a half-sleep. If you’ve tried to rest on plane trips, you know how I was feeling. Groggy. Out-of-it. Somewhat frustrated I didn’t have the energy to concentrate long enough to get anything done and somewhat glad.

Then I heard it. Or, did I?

“Go fish.”

A minute later I was sure I heard it.

“Go fish.”

I opened my eyes to see a dad and his young daughter playing the card game in the row in front of me, to the right. Such a warm feeling followed.

Earlier on the flight, the dad had been reading something on a device. I’m not sure what his daughter was doing. Now, he was fully engaged with her.

“Do you have any 9’s?”

“Go fish!”

I loved hearing this. It wasn’t just because a dad was being a dad, but it brought back warm memories from my childhood. I hadn’t thought of the game in years, but it didn’t take much for it to come back to me.

What could you introduce your kids to this week from your childhood? What slower-paced activity could you engage in? Who can you engage with?

Do it and enjoy!