A friend of mine was nicknamed “Walmart” by a group of people she was mentoring. They believed she was selling herself short and not ever earning what she was worth.

After signs from God, professional growth, and being challenged and encouraged by a number of people, my friend became ready to charge for her speaking. Soon after she became comfortable, two paid speaking events materialized.

After a weekend of significant ministry and hard work where she earned more than she ever had, someone who heard her speak gave her a Louis Vuitton purse to express her appreciation. My friend knew enough to know it was expensive, but she was stunned when discovering it sells for $1,400.

The gift giver had received the purse as a gift, but since she already had one she tossed it in the back of a closet. She remembers praying that God would show her who to give it to one day.

She shared these details with my friend when giving her the purse. She explained that she was confident she had heard from God about it, but it seemed strange so she hoped it was okay.

After opening the box and discovering her amazing gift, my friend told the gift giver about the nickname her group had given her. Then she went on to explain that as a way of reminding her she could be more and was worth more, the group began calling her Louis.

Can you imagine how my friend felt when discovering the purse was a Louis Vuitton? Louis!

It’s not a coincidence that’s the name her group chose as an opposite of Walmart.

It’s not a coincidence that this particular woman had an extra Louis Vuitton purse.

It’s not a coincidence that she prayed for God to show her who to give it to.

It’s not a coincidence that my friend met the gift giver the weekend she finally earned an appropriate honorarium for her ministry.

It’s God being God. Active. Personal. Orchestrating our lives.

Look for Him. Listen for Him. Believe He is in the “little” things. Thank him.

Stop believing in coincidences.