Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Our five core needs and our eight multiple intelligences intersect in various ways. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s troubling.

Because I’m logic smart, I think with questions and prefer it when things make sense. That can get in the way of how I try to meet my legitimate need for security.

When things make sense to me, I am more secure. There’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you can even relate. I like figuring things out and I prefer to not be surprised. But, lately, I’ve realized that some of my stress was caused by my wanting God to make sense to me. That’s arrogant. So, sin was also messing with my security.

I’ve sometimes said that it’s good enough for me that I know God makes sense to God. I’ve not been relying on that truth, though. I’ve had to ask myself if I really believe this or was it a cute way I tried to sweep away my stress?

I’d love to have less pain in my left foot and I’ve prayed and asked others to pray. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if I argue with God about it and whine because I don’t know why God hasn’t healed my foot, then my security isn’t in God. It’s in my ability to get God to do what I want. Or, it’s in my ability to figure Him out.

A little over a week ago, I had a meltdown. With good friends, and after relevant teaching and amazing worship of the God of the Bible whom I deeply love, I lost it. It had been an overwhelming day in several respects, including horrible foot pain, so when they asked what was wrong, I cried and admitted my pain, confusion about God not healing my foot, and frustration over another area, as well. I willingly received their prayers in response. Twice. Once with Alan, Randy, and Jill, and once with a group of 30 or so that I had taught earlier in the day.

It was freeing. Being vulnerable and authentic felt surprisingly safe. That’s because of who I was with. God, first and foremost. He was very present. He was very approachable. I experienced refreshing closeness as my friends prayed for me. There was no barrier between us. I wasn’t demanding anything. My friends were appropriately asking.

I also knew I could trust who I was with. I can’t just be vulnerable with anyone. (I don’t think anyone should be.) But, for the sake of my security being appropriately placed, I need to trust my friends more. It was good for me to release my fears in the way I did. To experience the unique love of my friends in that setting was rich. Real. Valuable. Long lasting.

Being weak – actually publically admitting my weakness – increased my security. Not in me, but in others and in God. I was reminded of the amazing support I have that I should rely on more often. I was reminded, in their words, who God is and who He wants to be for me.

God is in charge. He gets it. It’s okay with me that I don’t. It really is. I’m not just saying that today.

“God’s grace is sufficient for me because His power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)