Grace For Yourself

When driving out of my cul-de-sac to get anywhere, I can turn left off of Lloyd Hill onto Ivy Hill or left onto Shady Dell. Either decision will get me to Boat Club Road, the street our offices are on and that will take me to the restaurants, stores, and highways I need.

For 25 years I’ve used Shady Dell. Without thinking, I drive through the intersection of Lloyd Hill and Ivy Hill and proceed up the hill to Shady Dell. It isn’t until I turn left there that I remember. Inside my head, I shout, “I did it again! Remember – they changed the turn lane!! I should have turned back on Ivy Hill!”

I can get so frustrated. It’s a simple change, but almost impossible to remember. Because of how the city changed the turn lanes at the intersection of Shady Dell and Boat Club Road, I often have to wait much longer to turn than in the past.

My routine and habit override my desire to change. I need to place a note on my car’s dashboard that reminds me to turn on Ivy Hill. Some changes are hard to make. Routines set in and can make doing anything new challenging. I’m not stupid or even forgetful. I’m just stuck in a routine.

Grace. That’s what I need for myself. And practical help so I’ll eventually develop a new habit. What about you and your children? Are you getting mad about something that’s very understandable? What would help instead?