Let’s take advantage of the weather and get outside with our kids. We’ll all become more nature smart. It’s not hard.

We don’t have to think about “doing” a lot. Sometimes, it’s just “talking” a lot that matters. We can talk when walking in a park or around the block. Strategic conversations in the car can be important. Hanging out together is what matters.

Just ask:

  • How many adjectives can we think of to describe the color of the leaves?
  • What words describe how all the leaves you’re raking smell? What does the smell remind you of?
  • How would you describe the wind you hear? What words paint the best picture? Do you hear any musical instruments in the sounds?
  • How does the wind feel when you’re outside?
  • Describe the shapes you see over here. The pinecones are oval. What else? Do you see any circles, squares, or triangles?
  • What can you see that’s alive?
  • What can you discover that’s dead that used to be alive?
  • What’s never been alive?
  • Let’s study the clouds. Do they remind you of anything?
  • Where would you love to go exploring? What do you hope you find?
  • Let’s make up a story about the animals who have walked in this grass.
  • In what ways is weather powerful?
  • What questions would you like to ask me about the out-of-doors?

Let’s be nature smart this month!