On Monday, I blogged about the importance of changing beliefs if we want to make lasting changes to our behaviors. I wrote that “change changes us.”

Did you think about that? Do you know why change changes us?

It’s because change causes growth and that changes us. It’s almost a chicken and the egg question. Change causes growth which causes change which causes growth which causes change….

Growth changes us.

This year, let’s be intentional about expecting growth. Seeing growth. Celebrating growth. We need to be expectant. Optimistic. Hopeful. Determined.

Changing our beliefs and improving our behaviors is possible. It’s actually more than possible, but not always easy. We need to do it anyway. We’re valuable and need to become who we’re supposed to be.

If I choose to think more about my one step back rather than my two steps forward, I know I tend to decide (again!) that I can’t change. This year, I won’t do this.

I will recognize my growth and be a two-step-forward person this year! What about you?

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