I’ve been privileged to write the last three blog posts for my friends at EvanTell. This brilliant ministry teaches people worldwide how to simply and clearly share the Gospel. Their “Save the Mother; Save her Child” program especially excites me, as children are saved from abortion and then raised by Christian moms. So, after checking out my posts at their blog, click on the links to learn more about what they do.

From “Did God Make Me Smart?

At a Bible study held at a government-assisted housing development, a young girl asked, “Did God make me smart?” This is such a great question because it helps us remember what’s important to children. Another year of school was about to start and she was apparently already feeling some pressure to do well.

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From “Using Our Smarts for Smart Evangelism:”

Every person has eight different intelligences. Not only can they be used for learning and studying, they can be used to evangelize: …

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From “Using Four More Smarts:”

In my previous post, I introduced the idea that God created us all with eight different intelligences. This work by Howard Gardner is fascinating and can help us understand people in a new way so we have new ways of talking with them about God.

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