HandsUpLeftSideWhat are you willing to work hard to accomplish? Who are you willing to persevere for?

As you might know, I wrote in “Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World,” that the character qualities of perseverance, effort, and diligence seem to be disappearing. Because technology has made things easy, many young people think everything should be easy. Do we? Ouch!

Don’t get me wrong, I like that much is easy now. Research on websites. Copy and paste. The undo button! Phones we can have with us all the time. Cameras on our phones. The DVR. The GPS. iTunes. So much more.

We can’t afford to believe that everything is easy nor can we allow young people to believe that. It makes giving up way too easy. Stopping rather than starting. Sitting down in the valley, rather than walking through it to reach the victory (Psalm 23).

Maybe this is why these two pictures are deeply encouraging to me. As you know, if you’ve heard me speak to parents, those who are doing it well are my heroes. It’s not easy today, especially to parent with a standard for truth and for putting Christ first.

Parenting well is essential. Life. Necessary. God-glorifying. Obedient. Life-changing.

I took these pictures of one of my audiences at the recent Greater St. Louis Homeschool Expo. I asked them to raise their hands if the hard work of homeschooling well was worth it. Look at their response! Look at their smiles!

If I would have asked just about parenting, I would have gotten the same response. If you had been in the audience, would you have raised your hand? I know parenting can be hard, lonely, exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, scary, and new. Your children are depending on you. You know that and it’s why you work at it and don’t give up even though it’s hard.

There are many parents doing hard work in the trenches to love, like, and raise their children. To persevere, be diligent, use effort, and get help. I bet you’re one of them!

YOU have not sat down in the valley. YOU have not given up. YOU attend seminars because you recognize there’s much you can learn. YOU read books and blogs to help you. YOU humble yourself. YOU put your children first. First. First.

YOU are my heroes!