ckhaisbk091Have you read my book How Am I Smart? A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences? Have you heard me speak on this topic?

Moody Publishers has asked me to refresh the book. I’ll be updating illustrations, adding ideas about how technology and intelligences interact, adding more about how important proper character is to the healthy uses of our intelligences, changing chapter organization, and more. We’ll republish the book with a different title and cover in March, 2016. I’m excited!

I’d be so very grateful if you’d comment here if you have a story to encourage me and my readers. (If you post, you’re giving me permission to use your illustration. Thanks!) Here are questions I’ve thought of, but I’m sure there are others.

  • How have your children benefited from understanding how they are smart?
  • How has an understanding of multiple intelligences positively influenced your relationships with your children?
  • Have you, as an adult, benefited in any ways from understanding how you are smart?
  • Do you wish you would have known about the smarts when you were a child? What difference do you think it might have made? What if your parents and teachers would have understood there were 8 ways to be smart?
  • What questions do you have that you hope my new book will address?

Can you take some time to serve and help me? Thanks so much!