As you know, unless you live under a rock, today is an official day set aside in America for honoring our veterans. I sure hope you talk to your children about why this is appropriate. I also hope you choose to honor our veterans more than just one day a year.

In my book Screens and Teens, I write about my fear that “liking” a cause on Facebook is too easy. Might people click “like” and feel good about doing something? But, what have they really done?

I’m not saying the “like” does nothing. I know I’m encouraged when my posts and causes are liked and shared. Some of us will change our Facebook cover photo or profile picture in honor of today. That’s great, too.

But, doing these things doesn’t require much of us. I don’t want these low commitments to satisfy people. Our veterans deserve so much more.

Teach your children what they need to know so they can truly support our veterans.


What you think is special about our country

Whether “loving” a country is possible and appropriate.

Freedom and its value

Peace and its value

Why someone would sacrifice for the common good

The role of war

Talk during teachable moments and create times for meaningful discussions. Talk with others. Invite veterans over for dinner. Go on field trips. Pay attention to what’s around you that’s relevant.

Now brainstorm ways of supporting our men and women in uniform throughout the year. They deserve so much more than one day.