There are many benefits to children understanding how they are smart. As I’ve often written about and taught, smart is a power word. All children want to know they are smart. It empowers them to be more optimistic about school and to take it more seriously. But there is so much more.

Children who know how they are smart know how they can serve. How they can say thank you. How they can bless others.

On Saturday night I experienced a beautiful example of this. My host and hostess were celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary and four of their grandchildren were with us. Their grandmother asked each to play the piano as a gift to her.

No one complained. Some of the girls asked what piece she’d like to hear. Some played their favorite song. Each played beautifully. The sisters listened to each other respectfully.

It was a great night. Each girl was affirmed and their grandparents were loved.

Make sure your children know how they are smart. Raise them to serve and add joy to people’s lives through their smarts. Everyone benefits.