Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Last Monday, I wrote about the importance of genuine hope. Over the past week, I was reminded again of hope’s value.

Several times a year, I’m privileged to meet with some of our heroes who have fought the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last week, after several days of meetings, one man confidently stated, “Hope does something medication can’t do.”

I was thrilled for this soldier. From Monday to Friday, I saw him sit up straighter, accept more of our affirmations, doubt less, and accept more. He relayed statements about his future with more confidence. Eye contact became easier. He smiled naturally and much more often.

What do I think he meant by hope? A new perspective. Many new perspectives. A healthier way of thinking. Hope changed how he saw himself, his past, his present, and his future.

Hope was a proper perspective. This soldier was able to see things as they are truly related to one another.

He returned home with a new perspective on his injuries, his survival when not everyone made it home, what he’s capable of doing, what he can no longer do, and on his future. Perspective matters. Hope delivers.

He was no longer afraid to be optimistic. He was no longer afraid to dream. He no longer felt guilty for living. Hope!

What could hope do for you today? What will it look like in your life? Embrace it and hold on.