How Do You Refresh Yourself?

How Do You Refresh Yourself?


How do you refresh yourself? Or maybe I need to back up and ask, do you refresh yourself?

Last week I wrote about how we’re refreshing Celebrate Kids in some important ways. It’s all necessary and I’m glad we are doing it. Yet, I was reminded this past weekend that taking care of myself is more important. What about you? Do you take care of yourself? Do you refresh yourself?


Refresh means “to restore strength.” In addition to yourself, who do you need to be strong for? Maybe playing with your toddlers is emotionally exhausting. You need to be strong for them. Does monitoring older children’s technology use take the wind out of your sail? You need to be strong for them. Is always wondering how your aging parents are doing stressful? You need to be strong for them.

Refresh yourself to restore your strength. On Saturday, my hosts in Billings, Montana, drove me up into the mountains. We saw lots of deer and beautiful sights. Trees of all kinds were covered in snow or partial snow and made a tapestry of green and white as far as my eyes could see. I rested. I was away from my screens. Using my eyes refreshed me with strength for another day. How can you refresh yourself and develop strength?


Refresh also means “to restore or maintain by renewing supply; to replenish.” What do you need more of? Contentment, joy, security? Wisdom, healthy perspective, energy? Purpose, optimism, commitment?

Refresh yourself to renew supply. We stopped at two stores on Main Street in Red Lodge. Shopping didn’t necessarily renew me, but the stories my friends and I shared did. I compared the candy store to one in the stockyards of Fort Worth. Nancy and Dick compared it to their friend’s store in Cody, Wyoming. Nancy and I compared stories and pictures of making Christmas cookies last month after she, Donna, and I saw the beautiful candy creations. When I purchased an ornament for my collection, I enjoyed telling them about others I’ve purchased on trips. Stories warmed me. Pictures bonded us. I was renewed with joy, friendship, and hope as we visited. How can you refresh yourself to replenish supplies of what you need?


Refresh is a rich word. It also means “to freshen up; to renovate.” Slow down so you can feel and think. What parts of your life need to be renovated? Attitude toward neighbors? Beliefs about our country? Character when you’re at work?

You and I may not need to use a bulldozer to raze our heart or mind. They are not in need of total makeovers. But maybe a renovation is in order.

Refresh yourself to renovate. Sunday morning did this for me. We know, based on Ephesians 4:23, that the mind is renewed with the Word of God. God and His Word also renew the heart. That’s why David wrote in Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

On our own we can’t renovate. We need God. I went to church with my friends before flying to Los Angeles and it was exactly what I needed at the end of a very long week. God’s Word renewed my heart and mind. Come back Wednesday and I’ll share some specifics with you. Maybe God will use my experience to renovate, renew, and restore you.

But, don’t wait for my example. Think of your own times when God’s Word has renovated your heart and mind. Praise Him!