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The waves kept coming. And coming. It if weren’t for the rocky shore, I couldn’t have sat where I was. The water would have come much further. The waves would have calmly died out. Slowed down. Quietly. And then the next waves would have arrived, continuing the pattern.

But, there were rocks. There was the shore. The barricade. It’s where the water churned. The waves collided. The ocean roared. These rocks are immovable, but I know they’re smaller than they used to be. The powerful water has acted as sandpaper and the barricade is smaller as a result. Some water gets through.

While recently watching and listening to the waves in Maine, I saw some fresh behavior in a new light. Just days before, I had become much more frustrated than a particular situation warranted. My reaction surprised and even scared me. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever surprise yourself by overreacting to a negative situation and then wonder where the feelings, reactions, and questions came from?

My behavior was a sign that my emotions and thoughts collided because a barricade prevented them from flowing. They got stacked up and overwhelmed me. Could that be why your emotions or thoughts are churning and not changing? Are they stuck? Are you stuck? Is a barricade preventing growth and progress from being made?

What if we started to chip away at the barricade? Fear? Disappointments? Pride? Jealousy? Anger? Apathy? Discouragement? Lack of trust? Comparisons? Perfectionism? Fatigue?

Identifying barriers that prevent us from properly processing situations and then wisely working to wash them away will improve our behavior. It worked for me. I wish you well as you choose growth. Identify the barrier and work to remove it. Then you’ll be able to process feelings, questions, and thoughts in healthy ways.