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Chapter four of No More Perfect Kids, is about the significance of a child asking, “Am I Important to You?” There was so much incredible information in the chapter, I drew stars, underlines, highlights all throughout the chapter. The part that I wanted to highlight for this post is this:

During many of Kathy’s student programs, she teaches about identity. In the session, Kathy has children and teens repeat out loud, “I am important, significant, and valuable.” She drives home the point this way with Christian groups.: “You’re not more important than anyone else. You’re not less important. You’re important, and so is everyone else. God didn’t have to make you, but He wanted to and He did. That gives you value. Not only that, but He made you exactly the way He wanted you to be.

When I was a toddler a psychic told my Mom that I would probably grow up to be a lawyer (highly detailed, analytical) and that my brother would most likely be on stage or a TV anchor.

As it happens, I turned out to be a highly extroverted writer and artist. My brother went on to get his master’s degree in an incredibly detail-oriented field. Not quite what the psychic ordered.

Lesson: Don’t listen to psychics. Their spiritual antenna is bent in the wrong direction!

My mother was a Christian and claimed to not put a whole lot of stock in what the psychic said. Regardless, I was raised to believe that I was an introverted analytical type and my brother was the carefree entertainer type. Her desires for us seemed to trump evidence that God had not made us that way. This led to a dysfunctional upbringing full of unrealistic expectations, and a pervasive sense of disappointment.

It wasn’t until I came into relationship with God, by receiving His Son Jesus, that I had permission to question who I thought, and was told, that I was. What He was revealing He created me to be didn’t fit with the “never good enough” theme I had grown up with. I began to see that I was not introverted and no longer had to feel guilty for always wanting to be around people and friends. I was finally able to embrace my writing and artistic gifts, instead of having perfect grades in math and other highly detail specific disciplines. Once God started releasing me to be who He created me to be, the freedom was forever and is deeply rewarding. I learned that I am just as “smart” as a lawyer, but in different ways.

I am going to turn 46 two weeks from today. I feel like I am coming out of my mid-life evaluation (refuse to call it a crisis ::: laugh :::).  It’s interesting how after being on the planet for 4.6 decades, and a believer for almost 22 years, I often have the strong desire to go to my Heavenly Father to ask, “Am I Important to You?” He, being a Good Father, always takes the time to affirm, encourage, comfort, remind, guide, and teach.

As I read through this meaty chapter in No More Perfect Kids, I found it remarkably full of rich insight and wisdom. I caught myself wishing that my grandparents had this book to raise my parents with so they would have had these life-giving skills. Then the thought continued with wishing that my parents wouldn’t have succumbed to some of the pitfalls described in the chapter while I was growing up. I started to get sad but it didn’t last long. God said, “look at all these beautiful examples, all this good advice, and know that this is how I am letting you know you will ALWAYS be important to Me. You are important, significant, and valuable to Me. You are important, significant and valuable to the people around you. Humbly serve them as you rest in Me.”

I am at rest knowing I am safe and highly treasured in my Father’s eyes. I hope you can relate.

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