Increase Your Success - Get Close

Increase Your Success – Get Close

“Errors increase with distance.” When Priscilla Shirer declared this at Saturday’s Bible conference, like others in the room, I audibly gasped. Instantly, the idea resonated with me.

Priscilla applied this truth to prayer and Bible study, rightly pointing out that both bring us closer to God. The more we pray and read Scripture, the more we’ll be able to recognize God’s answers. His best for us will line up with Scripture. If we don’t know Him, we might not recognize His truths. This will increase errors. We may reject what would be best and try to do what He wouldn’t advise us to do.

As someone passionately interested in helping parents and children have healthy relationships, you won’t be surprised to know that this is another way I applied the truth. When parents and children are close, fewer errors will occur. Children will more likely turn to their parents when they need help. Parents’ help and answers will fit their children.

Accuracy increases up close. Errors increase with distance.

Think about it. If when bowling you are only a few feet from the pins when you release the ball, you have a greater chance of knocking down all the pins. If you are doing archery, the closer you are to the target, the greater the likelihood you’ll hit the bulls-eye. If shooting hoops when the basket is closer to the ground than typical, you will more likely score. Accuracy increases up close. Errors increase with distance.

Let’s work to get close and then stay close. Let’s tell our children we want to be with them. Let’s ask them to be with us. Let’s ask to be forgiven if our actions have created distance. Let’s forgive our children if they’ve hurt us.

Let’s hang out in the den together. Let’s live in the living room. Let’s run errands together and go for walks as a family after dinner. Let’s read together, play board games, and research online what fun things we can do together this summer.

Let’s get close. We can increase our success and decrease our chances for errors.