Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

One of the best ways to discover the power of our eight intelligences is to think about one topic with all of them. You’ll see how much more complete your understandings become. Using all eight smarts usually increases motivation, too. Back in June, I demonstrated that in this post using a pine cone as the thing to think about.

Because more than one example is helpful, here’s a brief look at using all our smarts when learning about volcanoes:

  • Word – write a story or make a speech
  • Logic – list 10 questions and find answers to at least 3
  • Picture – watch a video
  • Music – write a poem or song with at least 5 details and read/sing it with great expression
  • Body – build a model
  • Nature – compare volcanoes from different parts of the world
  • People – list most significant facts and compare list with other students
  • Self – write/draw/talk about how you would feel if you lived near a volcano

Can you see how you and your children would have a much more complete understanding of volcanoes than if they had used just one smart? Although students often benefit from studying with their intelligence strengths, when they have time and you want to make sure their understandings are broad and deep, using several smarts is wise.

Think about it in terms of adding power to their studying:

  • Word – power of language – talking
  • Logic – power of questions – asking
  • Picture – power of observation – seeing
  • Music – power of sound and music – hearing
  • Body – power of movement – doing
  • Nature – power of patterns – collecting
  • People – power of people – relating
  • Self – power of quiet – meditating

Using the power of multiple intelligences makes children feel more powerful. They’ll be more successful so they’ll become even more powerful. They’ll be better able to approach their assignment independently. Which children can you talk with about this? Who do you know who needs to add power to their studying and learning? Pass it on!

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