Is Your Social Media Profile a Lie?

Does your life reflect your beliefs? Do your actions line up with what you say matters to you? Ideally, they do!

Is Your Social Media Profile a Lie?

If you have followed Celebrate Kids for a while, the topic of this column won’t surprise you. Tina and I started this year writing about how we decide what we believe and how we know what we believe. This time, we’re writing about how our lives should reflect our beliefs because our beliefs and actions should be consistent.

Our beliefs cause our actions. I teach and write about this often. Beliefs cause behavior.

Or they should. If we don’t act on them, then maybe we’re fooling ourselves. Maybe they’re not our beliefs after all. Think about it. Do your important beliefs show up? Do people who hang out with you in person and on social media know what you believe?

There’s another possibility. Maybe what we believe about why we’re alive is in the way. Our purpose is to serve others. Actions are important to us when we live for more than ourselves. I sure hope you do.

When we want to influence others, we’ll act on our beliefs. We’ll want people to know what we believe. We’ll understand the value of modeling our beliefs. We’ll be more willing to take time to explain our actions so people know our motivation.

In turn, our actions affect our beliefs. We may develop even more confidence in them as we see the affect they have on us and those around us. We may discover holes in our logic as we interact with others. People’s reactions, comments, and questions may cause us to adjust our ideas. Actions affect beliefs.

What if influencing others isn’t our goal? When we want to bully others, we’ll simply talk about our beliefs. It may come across as yelling. We’ll demean people who disagree. Perhaps we’ll openly disagree with them and want to make them feel bad for what they believe.

If being right is most important, our pride will influence how we communicate. People will know we’re not open to their perspectives. We may state “the facts” and quickly shut down negative comments. We can do this with face-to-face behavior and on social media.

Are you living out your beliefs? Are you different on social media than you are in person? Is that okay? Why or why not?

You can make a difference!

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