2-1-16 NotesFromSermon“Jesus is our fulfillment, not our gifts or our use of them.”


I couldn’t stop smiling during my pastor’s sermon yesterday. He was talking my language. I nodded in agreement and smiled throughout. Toward the end, he said it:

“Jesus is our fulfillment, not our gifts or our use of them.”

I might have audibly gasped. I then quickly wrote it down. I knew I wouldn’t forget because it was so impactful, but I wanted it among my other notes.

As you may know, I’ve been teaching and writing that knowing our purpose – why we are alive – is one of our five core needs met by God. Our needs can’t be met in ourselves, others, or things. These may support the way God meets our needs, but they can also get in the way.

That’s why this hit me hard. As my pastor taught, when we prioritize our walk with God and press in toward Him, paying attention to the heart He gave us, He will show us more of Himself. Our relationship will be strengthened. We’ll tend to be more authentic in our prayers. It’s our heart’s involvement that’s a key. We must feel as we relate to God, not just think.

As we choose to prioritize knowing more about God vs. knowing what our gifts are from God, we will learn He can and will answer the core question, “Why am I alive?”

The A+ answer is to have a life-saving, fulfilling relationship with Him. It’s not to use our gifts so we’re fulfilled. He chose our gifts for us and He wants us to use them. He gifted each of us to make a difference. Yes! But, …

As much as I know it’s valuable to figure out what activities energize us and what burdens He created us to feel, we can’t use our gifts and meet someone’s burdens so we’re fulfilled. Then it’s about us. Then, when we think we’re ineffective or we no longer feel good about what we’re doing, we may question whether we’re using the right gifts right. And, we may desire a gift we see someone else using because it seems more important or popular. Or fulfilling.


I will certainly still teach that children (and adults) must believe they were created on purpose with purpose to leave the world a better place. I will also make sure to talk more about the value of seeking God to determine exactly how He has designed us to do that. I hope you’ll talk with your children about this.

“Jesus is our fulfillment, not our gifts or our use of them.”

[callout]My pastor’s sermon is available online if you’d like to listen. I highly recommend it. I’m grateful for Dr. Stephen Lowrie’s love for God’s Word, study of Scripture, and his love for all of us.[/callout]