While Jesus lived here on earth, He was fully man. Like me, you probably don’t think about that as often as you do the reality that He was fully God. That’s most often appropriate.

But, wow. Keep reading….

Jill Savage, my coauthor in No More Perfect Kids, does a beautiful job in her blog today of reminding us that Christ’s humanness is a reason He understands us. Yes, He does.

Jesus understands you and me. When I think about this, it makes it easier for me to pray and really share what’s going on in my life. Because He is God, he’s not surprised. Because He is man, he can relate. Because He is God, I can trust Him to care and to intervene in ways that are best.

For instance, are you a mom? After Jill read the four Gospels intentionally studying Jesus’ experiences, she writes in her blog, I also noticed that everywhere Jesus went people wanted to touch Him and I thought, “That’s my life as a mother!”

Or, how about relating the words in Matthew 8:1 to your life as Jill did? It’s recorded that “Large crowds followed Him everywhere He went!” Do children follow you everywhere you go? Jesus understands that you sometimes need and want time to yourself.

Jill concludes her blog with powerful truths. I pray these minister to you as they have to me:

This Easter, as you think about Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection, I challenge you to focus on His human experience and how you have a God who understands:

Are you facing physical pain? Jesus understands.
Have you been betrayed by someone you love. Jesus understands. 
Has someone let you down? Jesus understands.
Has someone’s bad choices affected your life in some way? Jesus understands.
Are you tired? Jesus understands.
Do you feel like what you are saying isn’t being heard? Jesus understands. 
Have you been falsely accused? Jesus understands.
Are you sad? Jesus understands.

Jesus experienced physical, relational, and emotional pain. He truly is a friend who understands! He longs to bring new life – resurrection – to the broken places in your heart.

And that’s what Easter is all about.

I encourage you to read Jill’s entire blog here.