On the way to the grocery store, a friend’s son asked if they could rent a movie from the Red Box he knew was outside the store. After thinking about their schedule, she decided it was okay.

After parking the car, my friend and her son waited behind a girl she estimated to be 14 or 15. When this girl realized the Red Box did not have the movie she wanted to rent, she loudly proclaimed, “I hate my life!!!” and stormed off to a parked car. My friend heard her complain bitterly to the driver, actually trying to place blame on her for choosing such a “stupid Red Box.”

Have you ever wondered how to determine whether someone’s security is healthy? Just watch and listen.

I’m just sad for this girl. To hate her life simply because a movie wasn’t available seems a bit extreme. Where does she have her security? Possibly in getting her way, in having fun, in escaping into movie plots, …

Just watch and listen.

Yesterday, sitting a few rows in front of me in church was a high school girl. Although she used to sit with the youth one section to the right, since her parents began attending three weeks ago, she sits with them. During one worship set, I noticed her parents holding hands and her dad holding his daughter’s hand. That’s security. That’s healthy.

Just watch and listen.

Later, in the same worship service, we were sitting as the worship team began the next song. Although most people remained seated, a few stood here and there as the lyrics compelled them to. One teenage girl, putting her faith and her God first, stood. She wasn’t worried about what her peer group would think.

Just watch and listen.

Recently, someone I trust pointed out something in my life that concerned her. The old me would have immediately denied it and tried to make her feel bad for even suggesting such a thing. That’s when my security was in being perfect, having it all together, not needing anyone, … Perhaps you can relate.

This time, I listened. I was able to receive my friend’s concern. Since then, I’ve prayed and observed myself more carefully. I’ve also talked with another one of my closest friends about the issue. I’m owning it and I’m not frustrated and upset. I’m grateful for growth.

Where is your security? Someone else’s? Just watch and listen.