Affirming moms is one of my favorite things to do. It’s easy.

Recently, when speaking to a group of moms, I told them if I stopped by their homes, I’d want to see toys in the living room and kitchen. I’d like to see blocks on the floors, books open upside down on the couch, and dolls half-dressed in a chair.

I’d want to see little cars lined up ready for a race on the floor somewhere. Crayons might be out of their box surrounding paper on the coffee table in the process of becoming beautiful art.

Dress-up clothes might be falling out of their storage box. A board game could be displaying last night’s victory for one of the kids. Maybe a jigsaw puzzle would be half completed on another table.

A mess? Absolutely not! A lived-in house? Yes!

I watched women relax. They wanted to agree, and I think most were able to. I want moms empowered to ignore the pictures on social media that suggest clean houses are essential and the sign of a good mom.

It’s not that I want their houses messy. I want their houses designed so children are encouraged to play and to engage with siblings.

Moms and dads tell me they’re concerned about children’s use of technology. They tell me kids complain when they take away their technology and they’re bored quickly, complaining there’s nothing to do.

Let’s leave toys out for kids to see so they’ll remember they like them. Leave puzzles out. Start one. Don’t put board games in the closet. Leave one or two on the table. Ask them to play with you. All of this can make it easier for kids when we ask them to turn off their technology.

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts. How about posting a picture of the toys and games out and about in your house?