When we know who we are, it’s easier to be who we are. There’s less doubt. Confusion. Inconsistency. Mediocrity. There’s more freedom. Answers. Contentment. Success. Assurance. Cooperation.

When we understand our behaviors are rooted in our identity, we can live with more integrity. Confidence. Joy. Peace. Excellence.

For example, when I understood I’m a Chatty Kathy because God created me to be word smart, it was freeing. Realizing all the words in me were due to one of my intelligences helped me see my talkative nature as even more of a strength than I had in the past. I realized God chose the strengths He wanted me to have.

Knowing God chose me to be this way was empowering. I think I might have instantly felt more beautiful.

On Monday, it was my joy and privilege to teach a group of almost 40 women more about themselves. They work together so they benefitted personally and professionally.

They listened, observed, and reacted. Throughout the day, I watched them sit up straighter, interact with more confidence, speak up with their opinions, and affirm each other. This is a group of women who already love each other and work successfully together. Yet, knowledge about themselves took them to a new level.

On Tuesday, as I met with groups of these women who work together in teams, tears came to my eyes several times. I loved listening to them draw conclusions about their past. They used the knowledge God created them the way He wanted them to be to reframe how they behaved or why things happened the way they did. It was healing.

Because these women had learned new things about their identity and could believe their behaviors were rooted in how God made them, they could more readily accept their strengths humbly and the things that challenge them bravely. I’m eager to see what the future holds for them.

Knowledge has power. Knowledge is empowering. Keep learning about yourself and help your kids do the same. Connect your behaviors to your identity and respond with humility and courage. Connect their behaviors to their identity and call them to humility and courage.

It matters today and tomorrow.