Let's Get Social

Let’s Get Social!

We spend a lot of time, here at Celebrate Kids, helping parents navigate the social media world with their kids.  But it’s not all bad.  For example, we use our Facebook page to help encourage you in your journey with the children in your life!  Have you joined us on Facebook yet?  If you haven’t (you should) here is a sneak peak at what you’ve been missing.

Ask A Child Videos

As you know, we encourage parents and those working with children to keep a conversation going.  To help with this, Dr. Kathy shares a short video Monday – Friday afternoons, with a new topic and questions to get the conversations started.  Ask the questions and let us know in the comments what your conversation was like.  It can truly be a lot of fun!  You just never know what kind of responses you may get.

Biblical Encouragement

What better way to start your day than with Scripture.  We share verses each morning to help you start your day with the right focus – God!

Just For Fun

Sometimes you just need a little laugh and some simple fun!  Parent/teacher humor is a must.

We would absolutely LOVE to have you join us on our Facebook page.  Join in the conversation – we have a wonderful online community!  Social media can be a wonderful way to keep up with friends and family and even form a community around the world.  That’s what our Facebook community is all about – bringing together parents, teachers and all who are pouring the Truth into our children!  Together we can encourage each other to keep seeking God’s guidance and teach our children to do the same.

See you there!