4-15-13 DeadBranchOnTree-r50Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Joey came to my home to cut off the dead limb from a tree in my front yard. I noticed it dying this winter as bark occasionally fell off.

I wanted the limb cut off mostly so it wouldn’t break off in one of our frequent wind and thunderstorms. Of course, it was a bit ugly, too, as compared to the rest of the tree. I was concerned a disease might have caused the limb to die. I was relieved to learn that wasn’t the case. (Apparently when fruitless mulberry trees reach a certain age, limbs often begin to die.)

Joey told me cutting the limb off was wise because the tree was still expending energy to that limb. By getting rid of it, more nutrients and water from the ground will be directed to the healthy limbs and branches. I didn’t realize the tree was wasting effort and resources.

4-15-13 BranchCutOffTree-r50

After Joey left, I thought differently about a few things in my life. I asked, is there something I’m hanging onto that I should let go of in order to get healthier? Something no longer working, but I’m still putting energy there thinking eventually it would? Is something dead?

There was. I cut it off. I let it go.

I picked up something else and it feels good.

What about you? If you think there might be something diseased or dead you’re holding onto, our Success Coach may be able to help you. Nancy Matheis is on staff to help people put our ideas into practice and more. Feel free to contact her to request a free 30-minute consultation. During sessions using her strategies, you may be able to identify changes to enhance your life. Sometimes it takes someone with special training to help us. I called on Joey because he earns a living as a landscaper at a nearby seminary. I knew he’d have the expertise and equipment to help me. Nancy may be able to help you. LifeCoach@CelebrateKids.com