I wouldn’t have to go to my fitness appointment today. No one can make me go.

But, I should go. I made a commitment and Linda [my trainer] has the appointment in her calendar and has arranged her schedule to be there.

Linda will understand, though. She knows I just came home from a big event.

Working out can increase my energy. I wonder if that’s even true today. I’m so tired.

I can trust Linda. If I tell her we need to decrease a weight, she will and she won’t shame me.

But I also have a lot to do. Is today’s use of 90 minutes for myself appropriate?

I know it’s a stress reliever for me and sometimes it helps to focus my thinking. Maybe these are reasons to go even today.

Can you relate to this internal debate I had with myself yesterday?

Those of us who are logic smart can think things through well. I say completely. Some believe our thinking is too complete.

Cause-effect thinking is a strength. We can look ahead and make accurate predictions. If I do this … that might happen.

We can argue well if we’re not careful, self-disciplined, and other-centered.

I can argue with myself! J If my perspective isn’t healthy, I can convince myself of the wrong thing.

Watch for this in yourself and your children. Those of us who are very logic smart can almost always convince ourselves that the wrong thing is right. If you observe your children doing this, your conversation about their decision needs to include their inappropriate goal and/or lack of character that allowed them to settle on something wrong and unhealthy.

Telling people who are logic smart that their decision is wrong when they know they thought it through won’t work. It will often result in anger and, unfortunately, a less than great opinion of you. Rather, help them see that their thinking is wrong and that’s why the decision feels right, but is wrong.

Then help them understand, believe in, and want healthy and wise goals so their logical thinking will direct them there.

I did make it to the gym yesterday and it was the right thing to do – for me and for Linda. I honored her time and valued myself. I’ll go again tomorrow.