Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

Logic smart, or logical–mathematical intelligence, is one of the eight intelligences children and adults have the capacity to develop. Is it a strength for children you know?

There are several reasons we should be glad our children are developing their logic-smart abilities.

  • Their natural ability to think with questions makes school a comfortable place to be. It’s typical to ask and answer questions all day long.

  • Their curiosity helps them learn independently just because they want to or when a teacher assigns independent research.

  • They like knowing how things work and will probably ask lots of “Why?” questions.

  • Their interest in many things can awaken and then strengthen other intelligences.

  • They like it when parents and teachers make sense and are fair. They can challenge us when they don’t understand our policies, but when they do understand them, obedience will make sense to them.

  • Science is usually one of their academic strengths because they like solving problems.

  • They’re comfortable exploring and then discovering truths on their own.

  • Math often comes easily to these kids because they’ll see the logic behind the equations and facts.

  • Nonfiction books and school textbooks, that are often full of question/answer formats, fit the logic-smart brain well.

  • Creating and writing knowledge-based reports often is a strength. (Writing fiction can be much harder for them.)

  • They often enjoy using commentaries and cross references when studying Scripture so their understanding deepens.

  • There are many careers children with these strengths can enjoy and do well in.

What else have you noticed about logic-smart kids?

Investing in your children, to help them develop their logic-smart abilities is time well spent!