Love Well Today & Tomorrow

In today’s world, it would seem in many instances that love is confused with personal desires or goals, or minimized to a single expression of it through romantic emotion. The temptation is to see “love” through a selfish lens or as a means to an end. This list of what I believe are the manifestations of love poured out of my mind and heart for today. Love is certain things, but love also does certain things as well. Check out the list, and as always, I hope you find it to be a blessing.

Love well today.

Listen to understand.

Be enthusiastic.

Be fair.

Show initiative.


Be careful.

Share hope.

Choose to try to understand someone’s circumstances.

Use appropriate boundaries.

Be vulnerable.

Be compassionate.

Be other-centered.

Assume there may be things going on that we don’t know about.

Be quiet.

Don’t gossip.


Stop the sarcasm.

Lead and follow.




Be sensitive.

Be thoughtful.


Have vision.

Stop judging.

Be kind.

Be available.

Have integrity.

Seek joy in your relationships.

Be strong.

Talk about Jesus’ love.

Be optimistic.

Ask better questions.

Talk less about yourself.

Don’t let anger last.

Be faithful.

Follow up.


Be alert.

Listen longer.


Be cheerful.


Be full of grace.

Speak truth in love.

Express gratitude.

Be courageous.

Look for progress, not perfection.

Be teachable.

Don’t bully.

Be gentle.

Choose beauty.

Share hope.

Be at peace.

Be humble.

Be bold.


Sing together.

Slow down.

Make eye contact.


Listen carefully.

Create together.

Don’t assume.

Pay attention.

Uphold what is true, right, and just.

Be transparent.


Be purposeful.


Do not be jealous.

Be good.

Care with action.

Rest together.

Dare to be different.

Stop comparing.

Be confident.


Put your phone down.

Don’t be afraid.


Be self-controlled.


Regret what you should.

Go deeper.

Give wise counsel when you’ve earned the right.


Be honest.

Choose better.

Stop whining.

Be helpful.

Prioritize people.

Don’t hate.

Speak up.

Be positive.

Have fair expectations.

Don’t treat people as projects.


Be generous.

Be passionate.

Choose to forget what you should.

Choose to remember what you should.

Don’t fear.

Be authentic.

Be flexible.

Be grateful.


Mourn with those who mourn.

Rejoice with those who rejoice.

Grieve together.

Celebrate together.

Do not envy.

Love unconditionally.


Be spontaneous.

Be patient.

Treat people as unique individuals.

Seek good.

Empower others.

Look up.

Lift people up.

Be resilient.


Be fully present.

Love well tomorrow.

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