Love Well Today

Love Well Today

How have you loved someone well today? Notice that I did not ask if you loved someone today. I’m sure you have. But how did you love someone well?

My sister-in-law, Debbie, is excellent at this. She remembers what people like. She consistently honors people. She has the gift of hospitality and is a generous person. She does love well. She doesn’t just love well. Get it?

I recently spent a weekend with her and my brother and some good friends at a lake home. Debbie went out of her way to make something at every meal that she knew was a favorite of mine. I felt loved. I was encouraged.

Debbie had to do some of the cooking in advance and bring all the food from her home to the lake. And she and our friend, Lori, were willing to cook rather than sit at the lakefront. This was love in action.

Debbie made what my family refers to as “Kathy’s potatoes.” She made one of my favorite corn recipes. And most importantly she made dream bars. This is a recipe from my mom. When my brother and I were in college, our mom made dream bars and sent them to us in large metal coffee cans. It is one of the foods that takes me back to my childhood and my mom and her love. Debbie was extremely thoughtful to bake those and bring them to the lake. I enjoyed every bite.

So I repeat. How have you loved someone well today? Have you done love?