Make Memories

Make Memories

Almost a year ago, I experienced unique joy. Yesterday, I was reminded of it and the joy returned.

On September 12, 2017, I went shopping at the Dollar Tree. I was visiting my friend and colleague, Nancy Matheis, in Lynden, WA. She and her sister and two sister-in-laws informed me that we’d be shopping for dinner at the Dollar Tree. I knew they loved unique party themes and celebrating guests in fun ways. The Dollar Tree? I wasn’t too sure!

Further, they informed me we’d have to buy everything for less than $25.00. I knew there would be 7 people at dinner. What did the Dollar Store sell that we could buy, make, and eat for dinner for $25 or less? I was very skeptical.

I’m sure people in the store when we were shopping questioned who these five crazy women were who got excited every time we found something on another aisle we could include in a dinner. I remember when we added it all up and realized it was only $23. We got more excited than was normal.

Shopping was an unforgettable experience. Cooking and eating the meal was hysterical fun.

Yesterday I ate a very different dinner with the same people in the same kitchen. The memories came flooding back. We all laughed as we recalled the craziness of it all.

Make memories. Have fun. Remind people of their history.

As soon as we began talking about last fall’s experience, we were instantly even more bonded than we had been. We were more connected with greater security and belonging.

Fun adds much to life. It enhances security and belonging and changes people’s identities to “fun loving,” “fun to be with,” and more. Have fun today!

Memories create connections into the future. Create some today!