I’m a person of habit. People who know me well are laughing right now. It’s an understatement, actually.At some restaurants, I don’t need to open the menu. I know what to order. Some of you think that’s sick, but it works for me. It wouldn’t work for you. That’s okay.

I’ll take the same roads to the same place over and over again. Why try another way when I know what works? Not long ago, construction loomed ahead of my friend, Nancy, and me while we drove to the fitness center. We quickly turned to the right and made a left up ahead, making it to the center even though we went a different way.

Guess what? It was a better way and we’ve used it ever since, even though the construction is long over. Sometimes I have to be forced to change.
As a sequential learner and analytic thinker, planning ahead is a strength and my preference. Therefore, it can be very challenging to do things spontaneously. Even though people don’t intend their last-minute offers to challenge me, they do. When they think they’ve given me plenty of time to process the change and decide, they usually haven’t. It feels like interference. That’s not what they intend.

Last Saturday, at about 2:00 p.m., I was asked about going to someone’s home for dinner just 3½ hours later. I didn’t know the woman well and had never met her husband. I wasn’t a fan of the football team we’d be rooting for as we watched a college game. Yet, I said “yes.”

Putting people first was right. It just was. A bit of uncomfortable afternoon processing as I thought about how my night would be different was worth it. It was a great night!

Making new decisions has been good for me. So growing. So right.