Memories Bind Us Together

Memories Bind Us Together

Memories. They matter. As I wrote on Monday, memories create connections into the future. Memories of people and places and thoughts and feelings and sights and smells connect today to yesterday. They will connect tomorrow to today.

Memories are the tapestry of life. They are a huge source of security for children. As this Thanksgiving approaches, they may be thinking of what they did last Thanksgiving. The same is true for your fall traditions surrounding pumpkins, colorful leaves, and maybe your church’s fall festival. In 20 years, they may still be thinking about these Thanksgivings and fall festivals.

I was surprised at my immediate emotional response to the painting I purchased at Saturday’s craft festival in Lynden, WA. As many of you know from my teachings about multiple intelligences, I’m not terribly picture smart. I do appreciate the talent of artists so I decided to stop at a woman’s booth.

After walking in, I turned and looked up to my left and there it was. My childhood on the wall in art.

I can see myself making snow angels. My dad pulling me on a sled. Dave and I building a snowman. Skating with my brother and cousins and friends. And, as an adult, I can see myself sitting on a bench with my dad watching my brother and his three young children ice-skating on a pond behind their house in Madison, Wisconsin maybe 25 years ago. It’s all here.

I Had To — I Didn’t Have a Choice

The flood of positive memories and the peace and joy that filled my spirit surprised me. I had to buy this piece of art. I’ll fly home with it on Friday and I look forward to hanging it in my home.

I encourage you to consciously think about the value of today as it relates to the security and belonging your children will have in their tomorrows. Sure, today matters for today. It also matters far into the future. Will your children want to look back? Will they smile when they do? If they marry and have children, will they want to create similar experiences for their family that you’re creating today?

Today absolutely can bind us together in the future. If you want to be stronger then, be strong now. When you parent intentionally to give your children a pleasant childhood, you increase their security and belonging for today. You are also contributing to their strength and the family’s connection in the future. You are being powerful!