If you’ve been confused by today’s young people, you’re not alone. They can make choices that surprise us. That’s what their observable behavior is, you know. It all starts with choice. A choice to believe this or that. To do this or that. To feel this or that. To say this or that.

Because of the culture, Millennials, those born after 1982, value relationships and experiences.

Think about what you value. Do these things influence your decisions, choices, and opinions? Sure, they do. So, think about your students, children, and grandchildren. They’re making decisions based on their need for experiences and the high value they place on relationships. That’s not wrong, just different.

Some twenty-year-olds will quit their jobs to help a friend if one needs help. Some will take long lunch hours, not realizing how long they’ve been talking with their friends. Others won’t take a job if they don’t know who might be working there. Do you know these people? What are some good responses?

High school students may prioritize friends over studying. Some will be distracted by texting and Facebook postings and what’s happening with their friends. Compromising to keep friends happy may occur. What are some good responses?

Think about your observations and what choices/behaviors might be connected to the relationship priority. How can we help young people prioritize their friends and social networks without it  negatively influencing anything else? What are your thoughts? And, what great illustrations do you have of young people and their relationships? How has the priority been a very good thing?

(I’ll post about experiences soon.)