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Last night I saw a television ad for Miracle Gro. That, and finishing my preparations for tonight’s webinar about security, has me thinking.

You might wish you could sprinkle some Miracle Gro on your children and have them wake up the next day secure in who they are and in others. “Get big, beautiful results like never before.” But, as appealing as that is, it’s not possible to miraculously grow children’s security.

Children’s security needs to have deep roots so it weathers storms and droughts. This takes time and the right fertilizer.

Children develop self-security when they’re taught right from wrong and other character qualities. When they behave well and increasingly experience the internal peace that comes with living rightly, self-security grows. This allows them to be right and do right even when no one is looking.

Self-security is also fertilized as people affirm children and speak truth into their lives. Accountability matters and we grow as we live life with others. This is where belonging serves security well. The quality of our community greatly influences who we become.

Through community, children also discover they need others wiser and more experienced than themselves to rely on. They learn there are people willing to be on their side, to tell them the truth even when it might be hard to hear, and to teach them what they don’t yet know.

They learn to trust others. They learn it’s worth the risk to open up. They learn people can follow through, be dependable, and tell the truth. They learn security.

Learning to trust others puts their self-security in proper perspective. When they have both, security roots go deep and wide. Storms can be weathered. So can droughts.

How’s your security today? Your children’s? (If you think something is missing from today’s post, make sure to stop by next Monday to read other thoughts about security. In the meantime, think about it. What would you add?)