Security will always be one of the most powerful things moms provide for their children. No matter how old we are, our moms are still the ones on earth who we look to for emotional and physical safety – or we should be able to.

For this reason even if we’re adults when we lose our moms, as I was, there’s a broader void than we might expect. It’s more than love we lost; it’s security.

On my flight to Seattle yesterday, I heard the safety announcement I’ve heard many, many times before: “Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times because you never know when turbulence may occur.”

Because writing this blog was on my mind, I immediately saw applications to parenting. Moms and dads need to always be alert and available, providing protection, because we never know when our children will find themselves in the middle of a storm. We cannot take a break from parenting and think that because last week went fine, this week will definitely go well, too.

Unless you haven’t been on the Internet or watched the news in the past week, you’ve probably seen video of the Baltimore mom who was filmed as she called out her son from the group protesting and rioting.

She was scared for him. That’s a good mom. She communicated her fear so he’d never forget it. That, too, is good. Obviously, none of us approve of hitting teens or children and I doubt she does that behind closed doors. I understand her reaction in this moment.

I appreciate this mom’s heart. Her need to protect her son was strong. She knew her role and acted as a result. Let’s do the same. And, if you have a mom who is alert and available and has protected you, say “thanks.” Not every child has that.