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Do you know children, teens, and adults who are music smart? They think with rhythms and melodies and make music when they’re excited.  They may tap their feet, shake their head, drum their fingers, or turn pencils into drumsticks.

These behaviors can make them challenging, but are there reasons it’s good to be music smart? Absolutely!

  • Music-smart abilities vary according to the child. Some can sing in tune and will enjoy performing. For Christians, it can be one of the main ways they’ll glorify God.

  • Some music-smart kids play one or more musical instruments well. They, too, can enjoy performing and blessing others through their talent.

  • Practicing to develop excellence teaches music-smart kids diligence and perseverance. Playing for others and in competitions can teach them humility and the blessings of being other-centered. These character qualities will serve them well in all areas.

  • Music-smart children develop memorization abilities for their music. This sometimes translates to their ability to memorize other things.

  • These kids can enjoy learning about other people groups and cultures through their music.

  • Children with music-smart interests and abilities will often develop deep friendships with others students in band, orchestra, and chorus.

  • Students who play in band will often have great school spirit. This helps them connect well with their school and its culture.

  • These kids can have great listening abilities that serve them well beyond music.

  • They can use their abilities to learn and remember things, just like they memorized the ABC’s with a song and spell Mississippi with a certain rhythm.

  • Music can calm them down and increase their peace.

  • There are many careers children with these strengths can enjoy and do well in.

What else have you noticed about music-smart kids?

Investing in your children, to help them develop their music-smart abilities is time well spent!