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People with nature-smart strengths enjoy being outside among plants and animals. They’re invigorated in the fresh air and can get lost watching clouds float by. They will often want to experience it up close and personal.

Nature-smart boys and girls may get dirty more often than others. It will often be intentional. During my school programs, when I ask students who enjoys getting dirty, often 50% of them raise their hands. They laugh and indicate they definitely enjoy playing and exploring outside.

Their pockets and dresser tops will be full of rocks, leaves, pine cones, shells, and other treasures they find. Oh, yes – treasures. Don’t ever suggest they’re collecting junk or that they shouldn’t be saving yet another unique rock.

Linda, my assistant, and I just spent three days at a convention in Galveston. She set up the booth and manned it beautifully. I spoke four times. Our hotel was on Seawall Boulevard and we had a marvelous view of the Gulf from our 12th floor hotel room.

We never walked across the busy street and over the wide beach to feel either the sand or the water. We were satisfied to enjoy it from afar. We commented about the powerful waves, the changing tides, the people surfing and fishing, the sand castle a family built, and the ships off in the distance.

We talked about past enjoyable experiences with the ocean. We were both able to explain why we like it and marvel at it. But, we didn’t need to interact with this stretch of ocean.

If you’re more nature smart than we are, you might be appalled right now. That’s okay. It’s not about Linda and me pleasing you. It’s about us being true to ourselves.

Picture and Speaking Information: The picture in this post is Kathy’s seminar at the Texas State Middle School Association Convention in Galveston. If you would like to learn more about how to bring Kathy to your conference or corporate event. Please click here to learn more.