Soon, 2014 will be complete and we’ll wish people “Happy New Year!” And, we’ll be wished that as well.

Sometimes because our plans don’t work out, we stop planning.

Sometimes because our hopes are dashed, we stop hoping.

Sometimes, because people don’t support us the way we want, we stop asking for support.

Sometimes, because our prayers aren’t answered the way we want, we stop praying.

It’s a choice to keep planning, hoping, asking, and praying anyway.

Are you willing to make that choice? What do you need to leave behind as 2014 begins so it’s more likely going to be the year you’d prefer? We can pray for God’s insights, make decisions, set some plans, ask for help, and most importantly give our plans to God, and be more successful than if we haven’t. Will you? Will I?

In the past, I’ve been guilty of just assuming the next year would be NEW even when I took everything OLD into it. I work to not do that anymore. Join me.