No More Perfect Moms
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Are you trying to be perfect? Do you know others who struggle with perfectionism? I meet way too many women trying to be perfect or thinking they have to be or wishing they could be or regretting they’re not…. It’s a mess!

You’ve possibly heard me speak against perfectionism. We should strive to become more than we used to be, to be and do the best possible given our circumstances, to accept ourselves when we fall short, to develop the competencies we need so we can fulfill our purposes, to be teachable, etc. But, perfect has been done. His name is Jesus.

A colleague I’ve come to have great respect for, Jill Savage, the Chief Executive Officer of Hearts At Home, has written a new book that you’ll want to purchase the week of February 4th. “No More Perfect Moms” will increase your peace, joy, contentment, and satisfaction, while giving you tools for success.

“No More Perfect Moms” has a website you can check out. And, sign up NOW to receive Jill’s free 31-day email challenge. It started on the 1st. You’ll benefit. I know, because I’ve read the first few. It’s great stuff. Unless, of course, you’re not trying to be a perfect mom. Then it’s irrelevant. 🙂

Jill has asked us to wait until the week of February 4th to purchase the book. If you do, you’ll receive some great bonus offers worth $100. By concentrating the sales to that specific time frame, the book has the chance of getting onto the New York Times Bestsellers list. This isn’t about Jill’s ego. This simply means the book will create more buzz and the encouragement will get into the hands of more moms.

I also highly recommend the Hearts at Home national convention, in Normal, IL, in March. You can check out information here.

(I was honored to be selected to be part of Jill’s launch team for this upcoming book. I’ve received a free PDF copy of the book and have agreed to promote it. Gladly! I spoke at her conventions in 2011 and am thrilled to be returning in 2013. Our philosophies are in sync.)