My sister-in-law, Debbie, is a fabulous cook. She makes delicious food and consistently puts the right foods together to make a great meal. When I visit her, my brother, and their children over the Christmas holiday, I will eat very, very well.

Because Debbie enjoys cooking, it’s easy to visit her. She enjoys having others in her kitchen and she never makes anyone feel like they’ve made her work any harder than she wanted to. I appreciate that.

Debbie learned from the best. Her mom was an amazing cook, as well. That might be especially true when I think about their many Christmas cookies. Dorothy taught Debbie well and Debbie has passed the tradition on to her children. And, even others.

This year, like several others. Debbie gathered one Saturday with one of her daughters and several friends and their daughters to make Christmas cookies together. Before Debbie volunteered to help them, most had not made any fancy or unique cookies for Christmas.

“It’s not about you, is it?”

That’s how I responded as Debbie shared some frustrations about this year’s experience. Because the women and girls are inexperienced, it was a lot of work and some of the cookies didn’t turn out exactly as Debbie would have preferred.

Even as Debbie was telling me what happened, she drew the same conclusion I did and spoke almost the same words as I did on top of mine. “It’s not about me.”

What can you do this month that’s not about you, but a blessing to others?