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Don’t let old tapes ruin your December.

Or, if you’re too young to know what I mean, don’t let old CDs ruin your December.  🙂

The past is tricky, isn’t it? It can stay in the past or it can rule the present and direct the future.

Our past may have been good and our memories of past Decembers, Christmas preparations, and Christmas itself may be beautiful. Either we were truly blessed, we’ve processed the negatives so they no longer affect us, or both.

Yet, the ideal we remember (which was actually rarely as good as we remember it being) can even affect us negatively this month if we’re not careful. We can compare the things that go well: “We had a great time, but it wasn’t as much fun as last year.” Or, “Last year’s pie was even better.”

If you’ve had past negative experiences, you might be pessimistic as this month begins. If you expect nothing to go well, that’s what might happen. You won’t have a good time. The turkey will be dry. No one will like the treat you take to the office luncheon. You won’t receive what you want and the gifts you give won’t be “oohed and aahed” over.

But, in reality, that won’t be reality. It will be just what’s in your mind. You will be enjoying yourself. The turkey will be fine. Your luncheon treat will be as popular as everything else on the table. Your gifts will actually be fine for you and yours will be well received.

But, you won’t be able to see it. Or hear it. Or believe it. Or live it. And, that will be a shame.

I pray your past Decembers will not negatively affect you this month. Toss the tape or CD. Clean the slate. Wash the board. Start from scratch. Open your eyes to something brand new.

Look for it. Listen for it. Believe for it. Get ready to live it.