[callout]Photo Credit: NBC Olympics Women’s gymnastics team wins gold![/callout]

Gather your children and go for a scavenger hunt. Yes, you!

Watch some TV coverage of the Olympics and hunt for evidence of all 8 smarts. Body smart is obvious everywhere. What about the relevance of the others? Who is using them? Athletes? Coaches? Judges? Broadcasters? Fans? How do you see non-athletes also using their body smart?

  • Body smart – think with movement and touch
  • People smart – think with other people
  • Nature smart – think with patterns
  • Word smart – think with words
  • Self smart – think with reflections
  • Logic smart – think with questions
  • Picture smart – think with pictures
  • Music smart – think with rhythms and melodies

You could give bonus points to the first person to point out a negative or unhealthy use of a smart. You could do the same when you or a child notices someone not using a smart that would have been helpful. For example, I’ve noticed some broadcasters who didn’t appear to be using people smart abilities, which include reading body language and responding appropriately, when interviewing athletes. Have you noticed that?

You could also give bonus points to children who spot someone using more than one intelligence at the same time. It happens all the time. It’s essential to our athletes, coaches, and broadcasters. Judges probably use two or more at the same time, too. You want your children to do this in life and in school so finding proof at the Olympics could be a great way to reinforce this and talk about it.

Have fun! Hunt, hunt, hunt, ….