Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

Last week, I wrote about how music can enrich a child’s childhood and also their adult lives. They might still have music ability. Or, they might just have interest. Either or both will serve them well. The same is true for picture smart and body smart and I’ll enjoy addressing those in other posts.

One of the ways intelligences enrich lives is through relationships. The way we are smart allows us to connect deeply with others. Friendships can form and can last forever.

This is true for me in several areas, but especially with my brother, Dave, his wife, and my cousins. As I wrote last week, my brother and I began on the piano and added instruments. Dave dated and then married Debbie, a gifted pianist with a beautiful voice.

Just like my mom, her sister learned the piano as a young girl. Therefore, she and her husband knew learning the piano would benefit their four children. Terry, Jane, Ann, and Nancy studied the piano and then all graduated to other instruments.

I think this is one reason we’re closer than some cousins are. Yes, we had the advantage of living close together and going to the same school. But, it was our musical interest and talent that connected us while at school. And, beyond.

To celebrate our grandparents’ 50th and 65th wedding anniversaries, we formed a unique ensemble to play at their parties. Dave played the trumpet, Terry the sax, Jane the French horn, Ann the clarinet, Nancy the flute, and I played the viola. Because my brother was dating and then married to Debbie, she joined us on the piano.

Our junior high band director, who my parents were friends with, was nice enough to arrange some of my grandparents’ favorite songs for our rather strange combination of instruments. We actually sounded quite good.

Can you close your eyes and hear us playing “The Waltz You Saved for Me”? I can–music creates vivid memories. I can also still see my grandparents smiling. Seriously! And, we played forever ago. Music lasts.

Make memories. They last.