Why is what happened in Newtown, CT, Friday a tragedy? Think about it. How would you answer that question?

Would this reason make your list? It’s a tragedy because life is precious.

Every death matters because every life matters. Every created life. Born and not yet born. Those who die alone and those who die in mass tragedies. Life is created by our intentional God on purpose with purpose. Every one.

I’m sad at the loss of life. I’m sad when one person dies. 28. Very sad. There’s no adjective to put in front of “sad” strong enough to express my heart.

I’m also mad. I’m mad because I believe there are many people alive hardly living. Those of us who are alive need to live.

Are you just alive or are you living? Are you sure?

We honor our Creator, ourselves, and those who die before us by really living.

Live on purpose. That’s how we really live. Don’t waste your life. Your time. Talent. Connections. Passion. Ability. Joy. Interests. Knowledge. Questions. Ideas. Love. Hope. Present. Future. Insights. Delights. Struggles. Being. Doing. Uniqueness. Friendship. Feelings. Thoughts. Difference. Contribution. Faith.

Live. You. All of you. All. Live.

Invest. You. All of you. All. Invest.



Don’t wait.

Do it now.

Living is how we can “not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21