Parents, You Can Succeed

Last month, my staff and I met thousands of fabulous parents. They impressed us all. This is no April Fool’s joke.

I was inspired by parents’ teachability. They leaned in as I taught. They embraced new ideas.

Their curiosity kept me on my toes. They always encouraged me to go deeper.

Their humility served them well. They were willing to admit what they did not know.

Their passion for their children was obvious in their questions and tears. Their children are blessed by their concern and interest.

Many parents are sacrificing for their children. They will have hope.

Many parents are working hard to understand their children. They will know they are loved.

Many parents are brave and are not afraid. Their children will feel important.

Many parents are praying. Their children are rich.

The culture is chaotic and many challenges exist. How are you doing? Are you like these parents we’ve met? I hope so.

Please don’t believe lies people may proclaim over you.

“Your kids won’t listen.” Oh, yes they will.

“Parenting is always hard.” That’s not true and if it feels true, please believe you can do hard things.

“You’ll never be able to teach them.” Your children can learn a lot and you will succeed.

What are the lies you’re hearing or telling yourself? What’s the truth? Combat the lies! Like these parents we met, you can be brave. You can sacrifice, pray, and work hard. You can be humble, passionate, curious, and teachable. You can succeed!