There’s so much that’s so wrong going on around us. What can we do? Pray.

I’ve been convicted more and more that it’s having ongoing conversations with God that matters. What if every time we post an update or read an update related to the news, we pray? Speak. Listen. Wait. Repeat.

This is a prayer friends from Ukraine shared with me many years ago. I pray it often and thought you might appreciate it today.

Lord, allow me with a peaceful soul,

to meet everything that tomorrow’s day will bring for me.

Help me to completely entrust myself to Your holy will.

Help me to know that in every moment of this day, in everything,

You will instruct and support me.

Whatever news I receive during the next day,

let me accept it with a calm soul and strong assurance

that everything is according to Your holy will.

In all my words and deeds, guide my thoughts and feelings.

In all unexpected situations,

don’t let me forget that everything is sent by You.

Help me to deal with all the people fairly and wisely

so nobody will be confused or upset.

Give me the strength to endure the weariness of the coming day

and all the events during that day.

Guide my will and teach me how to

repent, pray, believe, hope, tolerate, forgive, thank, and love.