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Hold your schedule lightly this month.

I prefer planning my schedule and knowing in advance what I’ll be doing. Given my travels, it’s almost essential that I do.


This month, maybe more than most, it’s appropriate to be flexible. Even though it’s not my preference, I’ve learned I can go with the flow.

A friend might learn about a Christmas concert and invite me at the last minute. I can say “yes.” You might learn that two friends are going to drive around to see outdoor Christmas lights and you had been wanting to do this, too. So, you ask to go along.

Putting others first is a key belonging principle. We can live this out by sometimes saying “yes” when we’re asked to do something we hadn’t scheduled. It’s good for them. It’s good for us. It can lead to fun times.


We have a right to say “no” and to have scheduling boundaries. For example, maybe you’ve learned you need to be home on Thursday nights or you don’t have the energy to finish the week well. Therefore, you’re less likely to do something spontaneously on Thursdays. That’s okay.

A long time ago, I started scheduling dinner out with friends 1-3 weeks in advance. I learned that I needed to if I was going to see them regularly. It was too stressful to leave it to chance with our busy schedules. At first I was afraid they’d feel less important, but the opposite occurred. Knowing I wanted to prioritize them blessed them.

Our belonging has been strengthened by both our planning and my willingness to be spontaneous sometimes because I prioritize friends over my plans.

Can you successfully be both planned and flexible? Will you?