Dr. Kathy and Connie Albers have a dynamic conversation about keeping the heart of our teenagers by lifting our rules when they demonstrate they’re capable to live well without them. This is a key to maturity!

For over 30 years, Connie Albers has been teaching people of all ages how to discover and use their natural strengths and gifts to succeed in virtually any situation. She is a popular speaker whose insights and humor and practical strategies have encouraged and motivated educators, parents, businesspeople, and students to focus on strengths to achieve success. With a goal for bringing out the best in others, Connie has brought hope and life to countless families, but she remains humbled by the way God uses her message to make such a difference.

Connie is an educator, leader, movement shaper, and speaker, and more recently an author of a new book “Parenting Beyond the Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and Joy.” Her goal is to offer hope and help to parents and educators of the over 63 million teens who need guidance and unconditional love not just another set of rules. The teen years are indeed among the most challenging for parents, but they can be the most rewarding season of the parenting journey. Every child is a masterpiece in the making, and mom and dad get to help their child become the person he or she is created to be by painting a picture of possibilities for the future.